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BIW Welding System Integration

TJASSET has rich experience in BIW Welding system integration, including installation and commissioning of conveying equipment, positioning tooling, robots and related process equipment.

BIW -Digital

The application software provides a manufacturing process platform to design, simulate and manage the whole manufacturing process.

BIW Welding Process Analysis

It reasonably plans the plane layout, selects robots and process equipment, comprehensively analyzes welding, gluing, vision, hemming, nail planting, riveting and other processes.

Simultaneous Engineering Analysis

Cooperate with Body Design Department to consider manufacturing feasibility comprehensively, avoid production compatibility, congenital quality defects and other risks, reduce design and process costs, shorten design and process development cycle, and improve design and process quality.

Robot Simulation & Commission

There is a special simulation department to simulate the whole process of robot operation so as to shorten commission cycle and improve work efficiency.

Fixture and Convey or System Design

Location and fixtures for cabin, front and rear floor, lower body, side wall, aufbaulinie, door closure and others, and designs for conveyor equipment such as roller bed, accumulator feeder, slide table, fixture storehouse, EMS, FDS, elevator, etc.


It has five-sided processing machine, vertical & horizontal processing center, gantry milling machine, planomiller and other processing equipment. The maximum size of machining table is 7.25m*2m.


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